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About The Personality Compass®

Developed by Diane Turner and Thelma Greco over sixteen years ago, The Personality Compass® has been used throughout the U.S, Europe, Australia and South Africa. The Personality Compass® can be used in different ways, depending on the particular challenges and needs within each corporate culture.

Question of the Day

Q. Is one direction on the Personality Compass better than the others?

At times

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What People are Saying About The Personality Compass®

"The Personality Compass® is the first easy-to-use personality tool that works!"
Lori Craig, Director of Field Operations, USA Today

"It's Fast . . . "
Using The Personality Compass®, you can understand many of the complexities of your own personality, as well as the personalities of your family, friends and co-workers within a matter of minutes.

" It's Scientific . . ."
Grounded in the temperament theories of Hippocrates and Carl Jung's well-know studies of psychological types, The Personality Compass® further connects the science of personality types with Watson and Crick's DNA discoveries, Nomi and Besher's work with blood types and Friedman's Sperry's and others' brain and body chemistry research.

"It's Universal . . ."
The Personality Compass® offers a practical personality identification and communication system for today's global society by using a universal concept, imagery and language that everyone can grasp, speak and use immediately anywhere in the world.

"It' Non-Judgmental . . ."
Just as all directions on a compass are perceived as equally valuable, all personality types identified on The Personality Compass® are equally valued.

The Founders

Diane Turner, M.A, & Thelma Greco, M.Ed.

We are excited to share our work with The Personality Compass ® with you. The Personality Compass® is an international learning and development company that has provided consultation services and training workshops since 1991 based on our original model and the book, The Personality Compass®. Specializing in identifying personality types using the innovative and accurate Personality Compass, individuals, teams, companies and organizations are professionally educated to use The Personality Compass® to enhance understanding of oneself and others, and to make immediate and long-term improvements in the workplace and elsewhere.

An excellent tool for upper management, supervisors, team leaders and co-workers, The Personality Compass® makes it easy to grasp why people are the way we are, and how we fit best into a corporate environment. The Personality Compass® also provides specific strategies for maximizing natural talents and developing new skills that are required on the job.

The Personality Compass® has helped companies throughout the world to make various types of improvements and achieve many different types of goals because it is a flexible tool with numerous uses. We would love to introduce you to The Personality Compass® and show you how you can use the Compass to make specific improve- ments in your company and, ultimately, increase your profits. The Compass makes it easier, and gets results faster, than you can imagine- just ask those who have used it!

Turner and Greco were listed in the National Registry of Who's Who for significant research and innovative contributions relating to communication and teambuilding based on their original model and book, The Personality Compass®.

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